Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas is coming . . . *Peeks around corner*

I am feeling somewhat depressed today, but I'll try not to be all Grinchy. At least on "paper". First things first, and I must announce that my room is a disaster. I basically beat myself to death last week during the busiest workday EVER (no joke) and went straight home to clean the house (I really did clean almost the whole house)for my daughter's birthday party the next day. I just about died of exhaustion, but I had to go back to work first thing in the morning and clean up after the insanely busy day before. I think I'm still recovering, actually. The good news is that I have survived to sludge through another day.

It finally feels like November outside, and I am really trying to convince myself that Thanksgiving is practically here and that means that Christmas is less than six weeks away! *Screaming* I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday. I love the decorations, the feeling, the month, the presents, and especially the lights. And the food, holy moley. I'm a food lover, and the holiday season is paradise for me.

But last week I started panicking (literally, I panicked) about Christmas presents. I am poor, like, seriously poor. Food Stamps and Medicaid poor. So we have no money for presents until my husband gets a new job, which could be within a month or two, or could be as far as six months away. So I was trying to think of stuff I could make for presents, and I had some great ideas, but they would take up a ridiculous amount of time that I don't have either. So I'm contemplating something deeply irresponsible . . . a Target credit card. I know, that is so bad, but I don't have any real brilliant ideas otherwise. Bad, naughty me.

Side Note: So my sister in law is getting married in January, and she's having a snowflake themed wedding. Trying to trace a snowflake pattern on felt is IMPOSSIBLE unless you want to spend twice as much time tracing as you will cutting. It it ridiculous. However, parchment paper snowflakes are quite easy, and very purty.

Ok, since I got two, count 'em, TWO hours of sleep last night (not kidding, not exaggerating), I think I'm going to go nap now. I like naps. I love naps. Me and naps are like this *crosses fingers*. So good day to you all, imaginary audience, and I hope you don't panic that Christmas is now 5 and a half weeks away. *Screaming*

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