Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Disney Princesses

Ah, it's been such an interesting day. I think we'll start right now and go backwards, seeing as how this day has been more interesting than entire weeks are sometimes.

I just finished looking through lots of different kinds of pictures and fan art of the Disney princesses with my husband, and it was hilarious! Just google Disney princess and do images, there's all sorts of fun stuff. The princesses arguing, wearing each other's clothes, stealing each other's clothes, with their kids, all sorts of hilarious and cool stuff. Like the comic strip above.

Earlier this evening my best friend and I made chocolate covered strawberries. And I have a new contender for my Top Three Foods That Are Almost Better Than Sex. Garlic bread is one of them. Chocolate cake/brownies is another. Seafood. And Italian food. I know, that's like forty thousand options, but I can be a particular sort of person when I want to.

Back to the strawberries, they were absolutely delightful. A life-changing experience. I don't like that chocolate they keep in the baking aisle that you're supposed to use for candy and stuff like that, so I got two humongous Sympony bars instead. I'm a sucker for Hershey's, I admit it. Anyway, so this was our first time making any kind of chocolate dipped anything, and it took a bit of tweaking to make them all pretty, but we really didn't care. They were perfection! If I could have melted into the floor with tastebud pleasure, I would have.

Before that she did her nails and mine while we watched a movie. I did my daughter's nails. She's two and thinks that it's almost the coolest thing in the world. Besides the new shoes she got today. She's got the most interesting feet. They're adorable, but they're wider than most shoes that fit the length of her foot. So her toes are always way away from the end of the shoe while she's out-growing them width-wise.

Aside from re-outfitting my daughter's feet, I went to work today and was very tired. I was up late last night finising the book I was reading and had to get up early. Stupid, yes. Ill-planned, yes. Did I enjoy it anyway? Yes.

It is now 2:48 in the morning, and I need to consider going to bed. Although I can sleep in as late as I want tomorrow, in theory, if darling child allows it. So until next time, and whatever I next find the need to write about, see ya!

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