Friday, April 23, 2010


Here's something fun. I have never actually read a blog before. Nor have I written anything similar to a blog before. This shall indeed be a most interesting experience . . .

This is me saying "Hiya" to my pretend audience. Here's a little about me: I'm an American girl in my twenties married to a fantastic man, I have a daughter, I'm an aspiring writer (long and involved story there), I'm religious, and I love movies and reading and good music. What else can I tell you? Um, I play clarinet, guitar, and piano (the last two not very well), and I sing. I think common sense and tact are two things that are greatly underappreciated and under-used. I have the most adorable black lab in the entire world, but he is not particularly partial to strangers and is quite vocal about it. Currently my favorite color is purple. I live with my in-laws. And my two sisters-in-law. And my sister-in-laws dog. It's a crowded house. I love chocolate. I hate canned asparagus. If you send me flowers I will love you forever. I just had fun adding that blue rose picture. This whole blog thing is kinda exciting for me!

Anywho, this blog will just be about whatever happens to fly into my head at any particular moment. Experiences from jobs I've had. People that inspire me in one way or another, be it idiocy or brilliance or just about anything else. My very wide and varied opinions on everything that seem to change on a daily basis. And so on.

So, my dear pretend audience, I hope you enjoy it, and if you don't, why are you reading in the first place? Go have fun! Fly a kite! Have a rootbeer float! Hug a puppy! Hug a person! Buy yourself some flowers! Be happy!


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