Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Trouble With Gardening

Today has actually been pretty good so far, so I think it's safe to say that I've given a decent effort at being happier than a seagull with a french fry. And how weird is this, I'm posting something before midnight or the wee hours of the morning! This is a very strange situation for me.

So I have a confession to make. You know how most people say they are really crappy gardeners and they can't grow anything, but they really can and they're just saying that? Well, it's actually true in my case. I have not only killed pansies, primroses, johnny jump ups, daffodils, and a myriad of other flowers, but I have also killed . . . petunias. Yes, you read that right. Petunias. Did you know that petunias are the most ironclad plant in the world? You can't kill the suckers!

But I did.

I don't have a green thumb. I have a black death thumb. I planted 35 pansies last year and 12 lasted through the summer, and that is only because I practically steeped the things in Miracle-Gro. Two months ago I bought four primrose plants. One was dead inside a week. The other one succumbed a month later. I now have one that is still alive with very large leaves but, naturally, no flowers, and one that is clinging to life by a thread. I figured I'd better stop trying to baby the things to life so I planted them outside where a few of my more successful pansies used to be. If they die now, at least they die free!

But I have great news! Last week I planted a packet of shasta daisies and another of California poppies. They are in those trough-looking planter boxes in completely store bought dirt, and I have refrained from watering them because I am more likely to drown them than kill them another way. And I went outside yesterday and in one of the boxes there were all of these tiny gray-green shoots with two to four thin grass-like leaves! I was completely ecstatic!!!! I can't remember if those are the daisies or the poppies, but I don't care, I grew something! I'll let you know in a few weeks if they stay that way . . .

It's really windy here right now! It's been windy all day and I could hear it just shrieking by the front door at work like it does in the twister section of Wizard of Oz. The trees out the window are thrashing around like crazy and the wind chimes on the back patio are clanging around in a frenzy. Maybe we'll actually see the rain that the sky's been threatening all day. That would be nice, I love the rain. I love the smell of it and the sound of it. I always feel like just curling up in a blanket and sleeping or watching a good movie or reading a book. And rain is good snuggle weather, bonus for me!

Wow, this is bad. I just got really tired and it's not even 7 o'clock yet. Technically, my bedtime isn't for another 6 hours! I'm going to have to force myself to do something productive. Mabye I'll try to finish sewing my dress together. I found a really cheap pattern for dresses like Arwen's in Lord of the Rings and I couldn't help myself. Add very cheap fabric onto that and it was a match made in heaven! I sewed some of it together a few weeks ago at my moms, then I needed a certain pattern piece and I couldn't find it anywhere! I looked all over the place and it was nowhere to be found. So when I was cleaning up my desk area this weekend, I decided to look through the pattern pieces one more time, and lo and behold, there was the piece I needed, not even cut out of the tissue paper yet. I couldn't decide whether to laugh or stamp my foot so I settle for a *facepalm* moment instead. Then I cut the stupid thing out and muttered about my stupidity the whole time.

Yeah, I think I'll go sew. I have one of those rare moments when my daughter is awake and there isn't anybody using the office right now. Wish me luck!

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