Monday, May 10, 2010

Golden Spikes and Jerks

Today was quite fascinating. We spent the weekend at my parent's again, and today we went to the Golden Spike National Historic Site for the reenactment. My sister plays in her high school band and they played there, and it was tons of fun to listen to. I played clarinet for six years in school, so it was a bit of a blast to the past. They played Hey Baby, we played that in pep band, and it was fun. Anyway, before they started the reenactment, we had a blast. Then they started talking. And they didn't stop for about 2 hours. Long before they finished I got bored, and the rest of my family too. We went on a small train, kind of like a plain version of the kind you find at theme parks, and took a little ride. It was fun.

After that we headed home and I went to work. We had two exciting things happen today. The first one was a lady came in that has been cyberstalked by some creep. Her son saw him in a car near theirs in the parking lot and she was totally freaked out. She wanted to know if we had any video footage of his car or him.

The next exciting thing was that we apparently had some jerk in the library today. We have a regular that comes in, an older guy in his 60's that's disabled. He gets on the computer and prints off tons of stuff every time he comes in and staples them together while he mutters to himself. So today it seems he accidentally stumbled onto a site that offended another patron (we are certain it was accidental) and instead of talking to one of us behind the desk, the idiot called the police! A while later, two cops come into the library, don't even stop to talk to anybody, just split up and circle the library until they get to this guy. They kicked him off the computer, seized all the papers he had printed off, and started interrogating the poor guy quite loudly right in the middle of the library! The jerks! They were looking through all his stuff trying to find evidence but they found nothing. I know that being a cop is something very important and takes a lot of bravery, but that makes it twice in the past few years that I know from personal experience that they have been jerks and idiots.

Anyway, that was all the exciting stuff for today. Now I'm just watching NCIS and being very sleepy. But I just watched The Meat Puzzle episode, and I can't end with that episode, it's way too creepy although the part with Tony almost throwing a fit at being left with Ducky's mother is HILARIOUS!!!

Ok, I'm starting to have typing problems which means I need to get off the computer and go to bed. Night all, sweet dreams.

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