Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ummm . . .

Wow, I don't actually have anything to talk about today. Or for the past couple days. Ok, I have one thing. I got a pretty ring for Mother's Day. It's not the one in the picture, but it's similar. It's got a pretty big pale lavender stone in the middle and two small clear stones on the side, and it's sparkly!!! I'm rather attracted to sparklies. I have three of those rings you get at Target or Walmart for $10 that have the big CZ stones and I love seeing all the flickers and rainbows in the car when the rings are in the sun.

I have the cutest little girl. Righ now her teeny little feet are inside my tennis shoes and she's got her hair in two ponytails and she's puckering her lips out as far as they go and making the MMMMM sound before the MWAH. We got her this really cute denim jumper with red trim and a two black and white dogs on it, but she's gotten so tall that it barely comes to her knees now and we got it during the winter. Now she's gone off to her room to wrap up her "babies" (two dolls, one little one about 4 or 5 inches long and another about 12) in a washcloth and a baby blanket. After that she'll unwrap them and put the little one in the toy high chair and make "lunch" for it on her little kitchen center. She's such cute little girl.

Ok, I really have no idea what random ideas to spout about next so I think I'll just cut my losses. The only other thing to report is that my daisies and poppies are doing fabulous. Whichever ones are the gray green sprouts with really thin leaves are doing AWESOME, there are just tons of them, and the other ones that are really green with two round leaves are doing good too, there's just not as many. Alright, I'm really going now, ta ta.

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