Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kid Shows, Libraries, Families

Here I sit on a Sunday evening watching kid shows on TV. The temptation of scrambled eggs was too much for my daughter and she abandoned me. It is amazing how many kids shows I am now familiar with. I knew a lot before, I loved watching kids shows when I was little, but there are a lot of new ones now. My favorite is Sesame Street. Yes, you read that right, my favorite. I love the guest stars that come on for the big word of the day. I've seen Jake Gyllenhal, Heidi Klum, Jimmy Fallon, Greg Kinnear, Cameron Diaz, Brendan Fraser, Kobe Bryant, all sorts of people. It is hysterical to watch. Most of the people on that list are funny anyway, but I wouldn't think Heidi Klum or Kobe Bryant would take to puppets like that!

You know, there are four laundry baskets practically overflowing at the end of my bed, and the thought that I need to fold it all is quite daunting. And the laundry hamper is already half full again! *Wails* A parent's work is never done.

So I just left to go make myself some eggs (yes, I succumbed) and when I came back Sammy had left some notes for me. She apparently found the M for Mommy on the keyboard, then the B for Baby, F for something (fish?), V for something (violin?), and then she found the first letter of her name and I had an entire screen full of nothing but that letter. A parent's work is never done indeed. Now she's adjusting the lamp shade on Daddy's side of the bed while she gets shortbread cookie crumbs all over his pillow. Strange child.

Earlier today we were all sitting on the bed, and started jabbering up a storm and waving her hands around. It took me a minute, but I finally figured out that she was doing the action songs we taught her. The Three Little Ducks and Three Little Monkeys. She loves holding up her fingers for the ducks and monkeys, and using her hand as a beak when she says, "Quack quack quack!" And she loves doing the daddy duck quack with both arms. Her favorite part of the monkey song is when the alligator SNAPS (slap your hands together) that monkey right out of that TREE! She knows the tree part is coming and she shouts that out every time.

You know, I work at the best place. I work at a library, which I have always wanted to do because I LOVE books and reading and figured it didn't get better than working at a library. Little did I know that reading books is the last thing you do as a librarian, but hey, what did I know? Anyway, the job is only half of why I love it so much. I work with the best people in the world. And not just in my library, but all of the branches in the county. They really are awesome, and the best ones work at my branch. With all the craziness and emotions this week from my cousin-in-law's death, my work has been nothing but supportive. They've offered to move around schedules to accomodate the funeral and viewing, and everyone has asked how I, my family, and his family are doing. This cousing also worked at another library in the county, so a lot of the county employees knew him. I don't know yet, but I am 100% certain that tomorrow I am going to have an e-mail about him and a fund to send his family flowers in my inbox. It is very rare to be able to say this, but I really do love my job.

I also love my little family. My husband, my daughter, and my dog. They are all so sweet and cute and funny, and in my husband's case, handsome and sexy. We've been teaching my daughter to say and do all sorts of fun things. One of our recent favorites is she does a double thumbs up and says, "Awesome!" It comes out "Awe-dom!" but it's adorable anyway. My husband just giggles when she does it. I taught her I love you, and she can count up to five, she just never starts at one. It's always 2, 2, 3, 4, 5. We can't seem to get the concept of the word "one" across.

Ok, I think I'm done sending completely random paragraphs out into the void today. Maybe I'll try musing, I have 8 quotes or story ideas on my phone that I need to put on paper or on the computer. Have a lovely evening, audience.

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