Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random Random Random

Today is the funeral. I'm all dressed up and stuff, except for the socks I'm wearing over my nylons so they don't get dirty or snagged. And I haven't done my makeup either, perhaps I should go do that.

You know, sometimes funerals can bring families together, and sometimes they can reveal just how crazy some family members are. This funeral is doing both. It's kinda weird.

Last night after the viewing we went with my huband's family and his aunt and a few relatives visiting from out of state. We went to Olive Garden, which is FANTASTIC in every way possible. I had the Manicotti Formaggio and the Tuscan soup. And the breadsticks, of course, which would have been incredibly worth it just by themselves.

Earlier yesterday I got two books from the library full of cross stitching patterns and designs, and I'm in a cross stitching mood now. I have tons of thread and cloth, so I'm excited to start on that.

I just finished watching an episode of NCIS. I'm pretty sure I've decided that NCIS is my second favorite TV show. Stargate SG-1 is my favorite, and I think MASH has the number 3 slot.

I am completely going with any random thought that enters my head right now, are you enjoying it yet?

Yesterday I finally typed up that idea for a muse that connected A and C. It thought it was rather interesting, although I'll have to go back and add in a bit more finesse and detail when I'm more awake. Have I explained what muses are yet? I don't think I have. Ok, my muses are when I come up with an idea for a story. I see them in my mind like scenes in a movie, and I just write them down and then I either come up with the rest of that story later, or I tweak it just a bit to implement it into a work in progress. I've had lots and lots of muses, and I get them from all sorts of places. I tend to get some good ones when I shelve books at work. Either titles or author's names with strike me in a way that works with whatever I'm thinking about, or it'll just sorta fall into my head and play out. It's kinda fun, and really interesting, and I love to write them down and play the weaver when I string them all together to make something.

I have such a sweet dog. He's a black lab mix, his dad was part boxer, and while he looks every inch a black lab, he's taller and has longer legs than most other labs. He's got a big chest that tapers at his hips and his legs are pretty slim too. I think that's the boxer coming out in his genes. He's not at all partial to strangers, but once he checks you out and knows you're a friend, he'll love you forever. He loved to be petted and scratched and played with, and he equally loves just curling up next to you and sleeping. He's so cute, and such a handsome dog.

Ok, I need to go finish getting ready. We need to be at the church early to practice a song for the family choir. Hopefully this day will go smoothly and everyone involved will be comforted. And I hope your day goes well too. Happy Wednesday all.

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